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About Us

Welcome to Boondocks Buds, A Quality Outdoor Cannabis Lifestyle Brand. We are the perfect choice for nature enthusiasts who want to enhance their outdoor experiences. Our cannabis products are carefully crafted to complement and elevate the traditional outdoors people are use to.

We're excited to launch in Arizona, by partnering with Great White Farms and their unique growing process that results in cannabis products of unparalleled quality. Our plants are grown using sustainable and pesticide-free methods, so you can trust that you're getting a pure and natural product that's safe for you and the environment.

At Boondock Buds, we're just like you - we love being outside, exploring nature, and pushing our boundaries. Whether you're on the trail, in the water, on the mountain, in the snow, or in the desert, our products will enhance your experience and help you get more out of life. Join us in celebrating the natural beauty of Arizona and beyond with our cannabis products.


We chose to launch our THC brand with caramels, pre rolls, and flower sourced from Great White Farms because we understand that as cannabis enthusiast who love the outdoors, you seek products that align with your adventurous spirit. Our goal is to enhance your experiences and provide products that seamlessly integrate into your outdoor lifestyle. Whether you're embarking on a hike, camping under the stars, or exploring new horizons, our THC offerings are designed to accompany you on your journey, elevating your adventures and allowing you to fully embrace the magic of nature while enjoying the benefits of THC.


Our THC-infused caramels offer a delectable and discreet way to enjoy cannabis. These treats are carefully crafted with the utmost attention to flavor and quality. We take pride in using premium ingredients and infusing them with carefully-selected THC oil. This ensures a consistent and enjoyable experience with every bite, allowing you to savor the rich flavors while indulging in the benefits of THC.

Pre Rolls

For those who prefer a traditional smoking experience, our pre rolls are a convenient option. We take great care in selecting high-quality flower and expertly rolling it into pre-rolled joints. From the choice of strains to the selection of rolling papers, we prioritize providing a smooth and flavorful smoke. Our pre rolls are designed to deliver a delightful and memorable cannabis


We prioritize the utmost care and attention when it comes to cultivating and selecting our strains. Our flowers are grown using sustainable and organic farming practices, ensuring a product that is both potent and flavorful. From the moment the seeds are planted to the final curing process, we closely monitor and nurture each plant. This meticulous approach guarantees the best possible flavor and quality in our cannabis flower.

We at Boondocks Buds can't wait for friends and family to enjoy our products at their next campfire!